From donut shop to design studio...

 In the late 70’s at C’s Donut House & Bakery in Sepulveda, Ca. I started mopping floors for Fred Coleman.  He was a pioneer in the restaurant consulting business training new baker entrepreneurs the art of the larger than average donut which was Fred’s claim to fame.  Weeks of mopped floors and cellophane wrapped donuts for catering trucks, I was trained as the swing shift donut and pastry chef to support the wholesale business.  By 1981, I was well on my way to retiring my rolling pin and apron for an architectural scale. Then, in 1982, I was fortunate enough to land an apprenticeship at the prestigious firm of Milton I. Swimmer Planning & Design, Inc. I learned from the best interior designers and architects in Los Angeles for the next 10 years. 

After more than enough years of working with other designers and architects I was given my first real break in the specialty coffee business to provide coffee shop design & layout, when Matt & Bruce Milletto asked me to help with the planning and design of the new American Barista and Coffee School in Portland Oregon. In 2004 I officially launched my dream of helping others make theirs a reality by starting Café Design & Architecture. 

Ed Viser