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Phase I - Site Verification & As Built Documentation: In order to provide accurate coffee shop design dimensional plans and specifications for us to work with, Cafe Design & Architecture shall perform a comprehensive site survey and verification of the existing built environment. 



Phase II - Menu Programming & Ergonomic Equipment Planning: Based on the type of design project you have, Coffee Shop, Yogurt & Coffee, Espresso Bar, Fast Casual Retail, we can assist in developing your desired menu and offerings.  This phase includes providing an ergonomic design through specification of all equipment necessary to support your menu.  Cafe Design & Architecture shall consult on menu and equipment, including re-use of existing equipment per the client’s request. 


Phase III - Interior Design Development: Development of the interior environment for a suitable design takes substantial knowledge of three dimensional spaces, the human factor, interior lighting, and of course finesse.  In order to help you visualize our efforts and your collaboration we provide several tactile exhibits for your use. 


Color & Material Selections:  Samples of flooring, walls, paint, ceilings, casework and counter tops will be addressed.  Usually (2) color scheme options are presented, based on the client’s coffee design direction.  In addition, lighting and furniture are presented if requested.  3D Schematic Design Model: – A 3D virtual model with multiple views based on our actual design intent and the actual documented space.  Mainly this model will be used for visualization of the 3 dimensional space and application of color & materials.  In  addition, the following plans may be included in the design package:


Phase IV – Construction Documentation: As part of our core services, Cafe Design & Architecture provides detailed construction drawings.  These documents include procurement of the building permit and Environmental Health approvals for your coffee shop design or retail food project. 


Phase V – Engineering Coordination: As part of any building department permit & health department permit submittal, Design Engineering is a necessary discipline for any retail food service project.  Cafe Design & Architecture provides complete coordination and documentation of these disciplines to insure the architectural, interior and coffee shop food service design infrastructure and requirements are met within local city and state codes.  


Phase VI – Logo Design: Cafe Design & Architecture will develop an appropriate image logo for use with print materials, Website and signage.  A minimum of three (3) options will be presented.  One of these options will be selected to be further developed into the final design.  Electronic versions will be provided to the client for use as they see fit.


Phase VII – Website Design: Cafe Design & Architecture will provide multi-page Website architecture and initial content design package including finalized logo graphics.  Home page, contact page and menu pages will be a part of the site. Cafe Design & Architecture will provide 2 basic options.  One of these options will be selected for further development.  All sites come with one year hosting included provided by Split-1 Tech in Phoenix AZ.  e-Commerce sites are available at additional cost, please clarify with us if an e-Commerce format is what you are seeking!


Phase VIII – Signage Design & Documentation: This scope of work is to provide visualization of proposed exterior signage and to assist in the design of interior signage such as menu boards and building code required signs such as Braille and international symbol signage for exits and restrooms.  The coffee shop design package will usually include documents suitable to bid construction of signage for your project and may including submitting signage documents necessary for plan check as part of the construction document package. Guidance will also be provided on how to best communicate your green achievements and other components of your cafe's mission to your customers and staff via internal and external signage and other means. All artwork related to the logo and graphics will be provided by the client for use in the design of the signage package.


Phase IX – Construction Administration & Project Management: To assist you in your endeavor to design, manage, cost estimate, construct and fit up, Cafe Design & Architecture can provide you with professional comprehensive Construction Project Management.   Our task will be to manage the project schedule, develop and manage the project budget, represent you in negotiations with the Planning, Building and Health Departments.  


We will assist you in the selection of a cost-effective general contractor, track the general contractor’s progress and quality, monitor the success of each Building Department and Health Department inspection, challenge all requested GC change orders for appropriateness of scope and cost, participate in the punch list walk and make sure the punch list is completed and close-out the project at the end.  We will assure that all installed equipment and warrantees are provided to you prior to close-out. 


Our expertise in coffee shop design will ensure that your project meets your expectations.  Following completion of construction, we are able to provide ongoing support to maximize your cafe's sustainability performance through our partnership with Green Cafe Network (GCN). GCN may assist with employee trainings, green purchasing practices, waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, greening daily routines, and community education.

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